Your first current account?

A current account helps you look after your everyday spending money. It’s a secure place to keep your cash – letting you put money in and take it out easily.


The types of things you can do with a current account will depend on which bank or account you choose. With our Danske Discovery current account for 11-to 17-year-olds you can

Put money into your account easily

You can put cash into your account at any Danske Bank branch or at any Post Office®.

Or you can have your pocket money, allowance or wages transferred directly into your account from a relative’s account or your employer. You’ll need to give them your sort code and account number to do this– BUT you should only give this out to people you trust

Get money out of your account easily

You get a Debit Mastercard which you can use to take money out at cash machines or use to buy things in shops, online or over the phone.

You’ll change a lot between 11-to-16 and only your parent or guardian will know if you are ready for this financial freedom (it takes time to learn how to manage your money and develop good banking habits).

So if you are under 16, your parent or guardian will need to give their permission for you to use your Debit Mastercard in shops, over the phone and online. They could say yes, but then set a daily limit for you as a safety measure. Talk to them to work out the best option for you.

Control your money 24/7

The ability to control your money from your computer or mobile is called online banking or eBanking. With Danske Discovery, you can register for eBanking to access your account online, and to download our Mobile Bank App.

With eBanking and our Mobile Bank App you can check your account balance and transfer money, whenever and wherever you are. If you are under 16, you will need your parent’s permission for eBanking. And you need to be 13 or over to use our mobile bank app. 

The ability to control your money from your computer or mobile is called online banking or eBanking.

Pay on the go

You can link your Debit Mastercard to your phone for Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, allowing you to simply pay with your phone anywhere you see the contactless symbol.

To use Apple Pay or Samsung Pay, just as with our Mobile Bank App, you need to be 13 or over.

Send and receive money using just a mobile phone number

There’s also a service called Paym on our mobile bank app. Paym allows you to send or receive money using nothing more than a mobile phone number.​

So you can easily pay back a friend for the cinema ticket or they can pay you back for that £10 cash they borrowed.  There is no need to share bank account details – so long as they are also registered with Paym.

That’s a quick overview of our current account to get you started. Next up, we’ll give you some quick tips on how to look after your card and pin to keep your money safe.

Remember, good banking habits are learned.

Learn more about Danske Discovery current account at

Important information

  • Our Mobile Bank App is available to customers who use eBanking and available on iOS and Android devices.
  • Our eBanking service may be temporarily unavailable when we are carrying out routine maintenance.
  • Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are available on selected devices. Standard contactless limit applies unless otherwise stated by the merchant.
  • Apple, the Apple logo and Apple Pay are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the US and other countries.
  • To use Paym, you need to download the Danske Mobile Bank App and register your mobile phone. Paym is a registered trademark and is used under licence from the Mobile Payments Service Company Ltd.

Danske Discovery Team