Pay your friends using just their mobile number

Send and receive money using just a mobile number. No sort codes, no account numbers, no delay.

Paym helps you pay your mates back quickly and easily using your banking app.

You don’t have to bother with bank details.

Forget asking for your mate’s sort code and account number (they probably won’t know either) and no more searching for a cash machine in the rain to settle up (not to mention the queues). Paym lets you pay back your family and friends using only their mobile number.

Paym lets you pay back your family and friends using only their mobile number.

Ask your friends to pay you back

If your friend has forgotten their wallet … again… ask them to pay back their share with just your phone number. They’ll also need to be registered for Paym but the great thing is, it’s available on accounts held at other banks too, not just Danske Bank.

It’s quick and easy to use

Any money you’re sent will show up in your account straight away.

To set it up
1. Log on to eBanking
2. Click ‘Mobile Services’ in the top menu
3. Select Paym under ‘Mobile/Tablet Banking’
4. You can add your mobile number here.

To use it
1. Log on to the Mobile Bank app
2. Select ‘Paym’ from the wheel
3. Choose how much to send (you can send up to £250 per day)
4. Pick one of your contacts to send the money to.

That’s all on Paym. Next up, read about the importance of checking your balance.

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Important information

  • To use Paym, you need to download the Danske Mobile Bank App and register your mobile phone.
  • You have to be 13 or over and use eBanking to use our Mobile Bank App.
  • Paym is a registered trademark and is used under licence from the Mobile Payments Service Company Ltd.

Danske Discovery Team