Keep it safe – looking after your card and PIN

It’s your money, and we work hard to keep it safe. But you can do your part too. Here are some quick tips to protect your account.

Safeguard your PIN

Memorise your PIN immediately and destroy the letter securely. Never write your PIN down and keep it covered when entering your PIN at a cash machine or in a shop.

Be aware at cash machines

If you see any signs of anything unusual- discoloured panels, a weird-looking keypad or the card slot looks damaged –don’t use it.

What if the machine eats your card?

If your card is eaten by the cash machine, tell us straight away so we can block it.

You don’t need to wait until we’re open– you can block it through eBanking and our apps, or phone 0800 032 4368 any time of day. We’ll then send you a new one as soon as we can.

Don’t flash the cash

Of course most visits to the cash machine go without a hitch. But even if you’ve got your hands on your cash, be careful. Put your card and cash in your pocket, bag, wallet or purse while you’re still facing the machine.

It’s your money, and we work hard to keep it safe.

Never hand your card over

Never hand over your card when paying and never leave it behind the counter ‘for a deposit’.

Say no to unexpected phone calls and emails

We won’t ever phone or email you out of the blue and ask for your card details or your PIN.

If you get a call from someone who asks you for account or card information, it’s more than likely someone looking to trick you into handing over your details. They might sound stressed or even angry. That’s because they want to spook you into revealing this information so they can start spending your cash. So stay calm.

A trick they might try on you is to read out the first six numbers of your card to ‘prove’ they’re genuine. Don’t fall for this one. All Danske Bank debit cards use the same first six numbers. This person doesn’t know your full card number.

If you receive a call like this – hang up (don’t worry about being polite) and phone us.  Always use a different phone or phone someone you know and speak to them before you phone us. This is to ensure that you’ve disconnected fully and are on a different phone line.


Did you find these tips useful? Our next blog will give you more tips on how to ‘Keep it safe’ online.

Danske Discovery Team