Keeping an eye on your balance

You’re probably more interested in seeing money going into your account than out of it, but checking your balance regularly is a great habit to start

Check what money you have available to spend

When you check your balance on our mobile bank app, it’ll tell you your ‘available’ balance – that’s what you can actually spend.

We’ll list all of your ‘pending’ transactions. These are recent purchases where the money hasn’t yet been taken out of your account, but we set it aside from your available balance so you always know what you have to spend.

Your ‘available’ balance is what you can actually spend.

Your Discovery account doesn’t have an overdraft so your balance can’t dip below zero. This means if you try to buy something but don’t have enough in your account, your payment will just be declined and you won’t be charged anything – either the cost of the item or any fees.

Budgeting is something we all have to do. Start to learn this skill early and it will pay off as you head off to university or start working – and you have much more bills to pay.

Want to know more about ways to pay bills? Read our next post on continuous card payments and direct debits. Not fun, but good to know.

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*You’ll have to be 11 or older and have your parent’s permission to use eBanking, and 13 or older to download our Mobile Bank App.

Danske Discovery Team