Keep it safe – using your card online

The internet’s great for shopping, watching movies and gaming, but remember these tips if you’re paying for things online.


Firstly, we’ll check it’s you doing the buying

We have an added layer of security when you buy things from websites with your Danske Discovery debit card. It’s called 3D Secure.

When you are paying for something online, once you put in your card details we’ll send you a text with a one-off passcode. You’ll be prompted for this passcode to complete the online purchase.

You’ll need to register your mobile phone number with us to activate 3D Secure, otherwise we will not be able to send you the passcode. You can do this easily in eBanking or on our Mobile Bank App by selecting personal information in settings.

Not all websites are part of this scheme, so there may be a small number of times where your purchase goes through without the need for a passcode.

BUT if you aren’t paying for something and receive a text with a passcode, you should let us know immediately. We’ll put a stop to the purchase and investigate further.

Look for the lock

Avoid using your debit card to pay for anything online unless you are sure the website is safe. You’ll know the site is secure when the website address starts with https:// and an icon of a locked padlock appears. Remember, a secure site doesn’t always mean an honest seller, so do be careful who you buy from online.

Remember, a secure site doesn’t always mean an honest seller, so do be careful who you buy from online.

Beware of ‘free trials’

Some websites will ask for your card details to start a free trial of their premium service. When the free trial ends, the website will continue to hold your card details and could start charging you for the service.

Always read the terms and conditions before sharing your card details, some websites will require a notice period before you can cancel and you don’t want to get caught out.

So set a reminder on your phone to cancel your subscription within the notice period …unless of course, you’re happy to keep paying!

Check your statements for anything suspicious

Keep an eye on everything going into and out of your account. If something seems unusual, tell us about it straight away. Check your account by looking through your transactions on eBanking or the Mobile Bank App regularly. You can also print out a mini statement at most cash machines.

Be careful when you’re buying things online, and remember if something seems unusual, it probably is. Better safe than sorry!

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Important information

  • Remember you’ll have to be 13 or older to download our Mobile Bank App. If you are under 16, your parent or guardian will need to give their permission for eBanking and to use your Debit Mastercard in shops, over the phone and online.

Danske Discovery Team