Contactless debit cards – your flexible friend

Contactless technology means you can use your debit card without your PIN. Quicker, easier, better

Your debit card is great for making sure that the exact cost of something comes out of your account. If you’re using cash to buy something that’s an awkward price like £7.99, you might be tempted to spend your two pounds (and a penny) on something you don’t even need,.! But if you use your debit card, then the two pounds stays wrapped up nice and warm in your account. It all adds up.

Contactless technology has now made this even easier. Many shops and cafes now accept contactless payments (just look out for the symbol  ) which allows you to buy something for under £30 just by tapping your debit card on the sales terminal without using your PIN.

Contactless allows you to buy something for under £30 with a tap of your card.

It sounds obvious but make sure you have enough money in your account to cover any payment you’re making. Check your App to see your account balance before you buy anything.

Just to let you know – for added security, you’ll occasionally be asked to use your PIN when you’re buying something with your card. This isn’t anything to worry about – we’re just making sure it’s still you using the card.

Apple and Samsung Pay

And of course, if you have an Apple or Samsung mobile (and are 13 or older), you can use your phone to make contactless transactions if you add your debit card to your digital wallet, as we say here.

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